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How to use a Home Media Room at Christmas Time

Christmas is here again, and this year, 'tis the season for making the most of your home media room.

When the festive season rolls around, this room can become a magical place to share great times and create many memories with your friends and family.

Here at CEAV, we have installed many home media rooms at all times of the year, but it is during the festive season when families converge for fun-filled nights in when these rooms really show all of their benefits.

We want you to do the same, and that’s why we’ve compiled this guide on five ways to really make the most of your home media room this Christmas.

Let’s take a look.


Decorating Your Home Media Room for Christmas

When it comes to getting your home media room ready for Christmas, there are some essential decorations that it can’t do without:

  • Festive Lighting – Twinkling lights and LED candles are often found wrapped around trees and windows, but they make for a great festive home media room accessory as well.


  • Tinsel – Nothing says Christmas like tinsel, so why not add some to your home media room to bring some festive cheer? It is perfect for draping around the big screen, or around other features to add a splash of Christmas colour.


  • Christmas Trees – A home media room is the perfect place to add a Christmas tree if space allows. Why not add film-themed ornaments to really make it blend in?

And once your room is all decorated, it’s time to put it to use with these five festive activities.


Five Festive Home Media Room Uses

Christmas Movie Marathons

We all have our favourites, and whether we love something funny like ‘Elf’, or something heart-warming like ‘It’s a Wonderful Life’, a home media room is the perfect place to get cosy and enjoy the films that you watch every year.

Christmas is the perfect time for this, as you can counteract the cold weather outside and put on a film for all the family.

Having a family-friendly media room is ideal for this, and ensuring you have everything you need to have a comfortable viewing experience is vital.

This includes furniture such as recliners and maybe bean bags for the children, as well as blankets and cushions for extra comfort.

And of course, don’t forget the hot chocolate to really help you make the most of your Christmas movies.

Christmas Gaming Tournaments

One of the best things about Christmas for most children is the two weeks off school.

This is the ideal time to get your friends over, get into your home media room, and enjoy endless hours of gaming.

For children and adults alike, getting friends over and digging out old games, or testing out new ones, is always an enjoyable night.

You can even make them fun for all the family, such as playing quiz games or interactive ones which can get everyone involved.

A home media room is ideal for keeping the children entertained without causing too much disruption throughout the house, so this year while you’re wrapping presents and preparing dinner, why not turn your home media room into the perfect Christmas gaming arena?

Festive Music Nights

Love them or hate them, it’s not Christmas without the classic songs that come around every year to spread some festive cheer.

If you have your friends over, why not host a festive music night to really get in the mood? All you need to do is plan your playlist, making sure it contains all of the greatest Christmas hits, and you’re good to go.

You can even incorporate karaoke into your set-up with the lyrics on your big screen to really turn it into a party.

Singing along to the classics is fun for all ages, and with such a range of songs to sing you’re sure to find the right one for every person in the room.

Don’t forget to top up on snacks and drinks (especially alcoholic options for people who need to pluck up some courage for their turn to sing) as well as incorporating funky lighting to really set the scene.

Host Virtual Gatherings

Christmas is a time for all of the family to get together and enjoy catching up and spreading some festive cheer.

But not everyone can always make it.

If you have people situated on the other side of the world, or simply people who may have to work and can’t make the festivities, then a home media room is the perfect way to get them involved in the big day.

Simply hook up your favourite video conferencing platform and project it onto your big screen and it is just like they are in the room.

This is a great way for them to enjoy the day as part of the family, and not feel like they’re alone at Christmas.

Why not organise some fun games such as quizzes, or make sure the call is timed perfectly so they can watch people opening presents and sharing stories?

End of Day Relaxing

When the presents are all unwrapped, the food is all eaten, and the day is winding down to an end, a home media room can create a great place to wind down and relax.

Whether you want to put your favourite Christmas special on the television, or simply dim the lights and play the sound of a crackling fire, this is a great place to rest with the family and discuss the day.

You can even put a story on the screen for the children to enjoy as they prepare for bed.

This is ideal for finishing off the day and can be the perfect location to enjoy the last few hours before a good night’s sleep.


Home Media Rooms with CEAV

While a home media room is for life, not just for Christmas, the festive season is a great time to own one in your home.

Whether partying, relaxing, or everything in between, this versatile addition can add to every event, especially Christmas.

Want to know more? Or want to discuss installing a home media room in your property?

Then get in touch with our team today.


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