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10 Must-Have Accessories for Your Home Cinema Room

A home cinema room is the ideal place to watch the latest films with your friends and family.

With the perfect lighting, comfortable seating, crystal clear speakers, and a nice wide screen, you’re sure to immerse yourself in the action taking place in front of you.

While there are some key features that every home cinema room needs, there are additional accessories that can really add to the experience.

Here at CEAV, we want to create the perfect bespoke cinema room for you, and that’s why we’ve compiled this list of ten accessories that can help to make it even more special.

Let’s take a look.

The Importance of Accessories in a Home Cinema Room

Accessories play a crucial role in enhancing the atmosphere in a home cinema room.

There are many ways they can do this, including making the whole process more convenient and allowing you to personalise the décor.

A home cinema room should be designed to your tastes, and therefore if you can accessorise with equipment and tools that suit the experience you strive for then this can go a long way to building a unique room that is made for you.

It can make things more functional and practical, add to the immersive experience, provide comfort, and enhance the visual and audio features.

In a nutshell, they can make every home cinema room that little bit better, and here are ten great ones that you can add today.

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10 Great Home Cinema Room Accessories

Media Streaming Device

Let’s start with a big one.

Media streaming devices are essential if you want to watch the latest films, events, and TV shows.

If you can simply log in to your streaming services such as Netflix, then you immediately have a library of movies at your fingertips.

A home cinema room is the perfect place to watch great films, so make sure you have access to them easily and that your streaming device is hooked up to your projector and screen so you can sit down, log in, and enjoy film night.

Gaming Console

A home cinema room also can double as a media room, and something that can really add another element to your space is a gaming console.

If you’re a gamer, or simply someone who loves to get interactive with friends, then this can create the ideal place for you to enjoy some game time.

With all the features of a home cinema room, you can really step inside the game and get an all-round experience like no other.

Gaming consoles can also act as streaming devices, making this a win-win.

Motorized Projector Screen

If you love to keep your home cinema room clutter-free and tidy, then why not opt for a motorised projector screen?

This will allow you to keep it hidden when not in use and means with one button your screen can be ready for the next film.

This can actually add to the experience as the screen unfurls and you anticipate the movie beginning.

Many people use a home cinema room for multiple purposes, and being able to retract the screen opens up many possibilities in how you are going to use your room and can mean by day it is something different.


Surround Sound System

If you really want an immersive audio experience, surround sound is a must.

Adding something like a Dolby atmos surround sound system can really make you feel like you’re in the cinema, and drag you right into the heart of the action.

It can also help to enhance the realism of the film, and really improve the sound detail.

If you’re using your home cinema room for gaming or simply watching movies, surround sound can definitely add to the experience in a big way.

Smart Lighting System

A smart lighting system, such as Lutron lighting, is the perfect addition if you would like to set the tone and ambience of your home cinema room to get it just right.

Depending on the different movies and the varying moods of the viewers, the lighting can represent and really add to the environment that you are watching it in.

You can even set it up to automate when you enter the room and dim the lights when the film starts to really complete the cinema experience.

Acoustic Panels

Acoustic panels are great additions to the walls of your home cinema room as they can help absorb echoes and reverberations.

What this means is that the sound you hear is less distorted and should be much clearer.

Acoustic panels are best installed in the initial process and can be placed on the wall with minimal disruption to the décor and atmosphere.

You can also add soundproofing panels which should help to stop noise from leaking out of the room, and also reduce noise disruptions interrupting your film.

Wi-Fi Extender

Wi-Fi is essential for a home cinema room if you are looking to stream your favourite movies.

No one wants to see the buffering sign halfway through a film, so if your wi-fi signal is weak in your media room then you may need to purchase an extender.

This will allow you to boost your connection and always ensure that your films and gaming are constantly running as they should and that no blurring or pauses occur due to a bad signal.



If you’re sitting through a three-hour movie, the chances are you may get a little bit peckish on the way.

If this is the case, then why not add some refreshments throughout your home cinema room?

A popular choice is a popcorn machine, where the smell and taste can transport you right back to your favourite cinema.

It can also be a good idea to add a fridge where you can store drinks and other treats such as chocolate.

The beauty of a home cinema is you can stock the fridge with whatever you would like, so think of the event coming up and keep your drinks cold and ready to be enjoyed throughout.

Movie Posters

The décor of a home cinema room can have a big effect on the environment.

In your bespoke space, you get to choose the decorations, so why not add decorative movie posters from your favourite films to really add a personal touch?

This will completely enhance the aesthetic appeal of the room and whether you’re choosing iconic artwork or simply posters from the films you love, it’s a great way of boosting the atmosphere.

To make it look even better, why not add some frames for a professional touch?

Wireless Headphones

Whether you’re a late-night gamer or someone who enjoys films that last into the early hours, wireless headphones are a great way of immersing yourself in the action without causing too much disruption to the other people in the house.

As they’re wireless, you don’t need to be concerned with wires, and as long as you keep them charged, you can be ready to listen to your favourite films as loud as you want.

Wireless headphones are a great way of getting a personal audio experience without compromising on sound quality and crispness and make a great addition to any home cinema room.


Home Cinema Room Installation with CEAV

If you’re looking for a home cinema room to be added to your property, then CEAV is the team for you.

We have years of experience designing and installing bespoke media rooms in various different shapes and sizes.

Want to discuss your project with us? Then get in touch today.

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