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Should You Choose a TV or Projector for Your Home Cinema Room?

Imagine settling into your cosy home cinema room, popcorn in hand, ready for a movie night. There’s not many better ways to immerse yourself in a movie right in the comfort of your own home.

But before this dream turns into a reality, there's a crucial decision to make: should you opt for a TV or a projector?

Here at CEAV, we have installed many home cinema rooms, with both of these added across our projects, and the answer isn’t a simple one.

Both choices have their merits and downsides, and this blog is here to guide you through them, helping you make an informed decision for your ideal home entertainment setup.

Let’s take a look.

What TV and Projector Options are Available?

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TVs have come a long way, with options ranging from LED to OLED screens offering sharp, vibrant images.

They're a popular choice for their ease of use and consistent picture quality. TVs have seen a slight resurgence of late, with the size growing whilst prices seemingly seem to drop.

This does make them an attractive option, especially for people looking for something that looks amazing and doesn’t break the bank to purchase.

If size is important though, you should still opt for a projector.

Projectors offer a cinema-like experience, projecting onto a large screen or a blank wall. They range from DLP (Digital Light Processing) to LCD (Liquid Crystal Display), each with unique features.

Let’s break it down into the nitty gritty of both options.

Image Quality and Size

When it comes to image quality, modern TVs are hard to beat.

They offer excellent resolution, outstanding colour accuracy, and superior brightness levels.

OLED TVs, for example, are known for their deep blacks and high contrast ratios and can provide images that are amazing and beyond the reach of all but the best projectors.

That’s not to say projectors don’t do a good job. While they've improved significantly, they can struggle in brightly lit rooms and generally require a dark environment to shine.

However, as mentioned, projectors win in the size department, easily offering a much larger screen area than most TVs.

The trick here is to focus on the size of your room, taking into account what will work best. Looking for something up close and personal? Then a TV would work well. For a huge room and a massive screen, a projector is probably your best bet.

Space Requirements and Setup


While we’re on the topic of space, let’s focus on the science of fitting and placing these items in your home cinema room.

Large-screen TVs need a sturdy wall mount or a big enough table, but they're relatively easy to set up.

This can be slightly awkward, and while televisions are becoming increasingly flat, it still takes some work to ensure it is in the right place.

Projectors require a bit more planning but are much more versatile. You need to consider the throw distance (the distance between the projector and screen) and mounting options, but if you can fit one, then it can be effective at creating a multi-purpose area.

You'll need a proper screen or a smooth, white wall for optimal viewing, but opting for a roll up screen means that when not in use, there is no space taken up.

This means you can use the room as an alternate living room, and when the time comes for some immersive entertainment, simply pull down the screen and get watching.

Cost Considerations

High-quality TVs can be expensive, but projectors can be a costlier investment when you factor in the screen and any additional setup needs.

Long-term costs also include power consumption and maintenance, like replacing projector bulbs, which can add to the total cost of ownership.

So, which one is better for your wallet?

Let’s say you’re getting a 100-inch OLED TV. For something top-of-the-range, you may be looking at over £5000.

A projector, on the other hand, can be bought for around half of this price.

This may make it a better option, but you also have to factor in the screen and other items which can raise the price slightly.

The important elements here are quality and budget. Firstly, how good do you need your TV or projector to be, taking into account what we’ve mentioned throughout this blog already.

Contrast this with your budget and work out what you can afford. Speak to a professional for tailored recommendations on the best choices for you.

The Viewing Experience

The enemy of all home cinema rooms is light. A great viewing experience can be ruined by a dash of light on the screen.

Ambient light significantly affects projectors; even with a high-lumen projector, daylight can wash out the image.

TVs offer a better viewing experience in various lighting conditions, so if you know your room is going to be bathed in light, this could be your best option.

The viewing angle is another consideration. Projectors can provide a wider viewing angle compared to TVs.

Before installation, you will be provided with a detailed home cinema room design, and this will play a big role in deciding on the best item here for you.

For audio, while TVs usually have built-in speakers, a projector setup might require an external sound system.

In most home cinema rooms, TV speakers won’t suffice for the immersive experience that is intended, so for both external options are the best bet.

As long as your projector or TV is adaptable and can work alongside this equipment, both are a safe bet when it comes to audio.

Making Your Decision

Your choice ultimately depends on your specific needs.

Consider the size of your room, your viewing habits, and your budget.

A TV might be more suitable for a multi-purpose room where you can't control the ambient light.

A projector is ideal for dedicated cinema rooms where you can recreate the magic of a traditional cinema.

No matter what your decision, the result will be a room dedicated to taking in a great film, and this is a great addition to any household.


There's no one-size-fits-all answer when choosing between a TV and a projector for your home cinema room.

It boils down to what enhances your movie-watching experience the most.

Whether it’s the sharp, vivid imagery of a state-of-the-art TV or the expansive, immersive experience of a projector, your choice should align with your lifestyle and entertainment aspirations.

If you need help finding the answer, then our team are ready to help.

At CEAV, we will work with you to design the ideal bespoke cinema. This includes choosing the best equipment for your viewing pleasure.

Want to know more? Then get in touch today.


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