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How to Turn into a Small Room into a Home Cinema

Many of us would love to have our own home media room where we can watch the latest blockbuster movie, check out tonight’s match, or enjoy a long gaming session.

With house prices rising though, and space harder to come by, it is growing increasingly difficult to find a room to transform into your very own cinema.

If you only have a small space available, and don’t think that it would make a very good cinema room, then fear not, as you may be mistaken.

Small rooms can make great home cinemas, and in this guide, we’re going to tell you why and give you some great tips on designing your very own small media room.

Let’s take a look.


Why Small Spaces Make Great Home Media Rooms

When most of us think of a cinema, we think of a huge room with a super wide screen at the end and hundreds of seats.

But this isn’t the only type of cinema room available.

Small rooms can be ideal for this kind of thing, and here’s why:

  • You Get an Intimate Viewing – It can feel really special when you’re in a small space either by yourself or with your friends and loved ones and you can feel comfortable and cosy whilst watching your film. With everything close by, you can get completely absorbed in nothing but the film you’re watching and get a really immersive experience.


  • Everything Feels Enhanced – In a small room with the speakers, screen, and lighting all really close, you can get a completely enhanced experience that can place you right in the heart of the action. Everyone wants to feel engrossed and involved with the film they are watching, and a small room helps to provide this.


  • It Can Add to the DesignDesigning a home media room can be tricky, and the size of the room does affect your options. With a small room though, this can work in your favour as it works really well with a minimalist and sleek design. With fewer decorative elements to focus on, you find yourself concentrating on nothing but the important part, the big screen.


These are just a handful of the benefits a small cinema room can provide, and there are plenty more we could list in this article.

With so many benefits, it can be a great choice to transform your small space, but how would you go about doing that?


5 Tips for Creating the Perfect Small Home Cinema Room

Utilise Wall Space

In a small room, floor space is always limited. While this may stop you from adding things to the floor, you should definitely look to make the most of the space on the walls.

If you need somewhere for storage for example, or need somewhere to place your speakers, then adding shelving is a great way of freeing up the floor space they would normally occupy.

If you have a big screen in there, make sure it is mounted on the wall and that game consoles and other equipment are built into handy storage items that don’t just free up space but also provide a sleek and uncluttered look to the room.

If you do want to use some decorations, these can also be added to the wall, and it’s always a nice touch to add posters from your favourite films to showcase some of your personality.

Make Your Room Multifunctional

As we mentioned earlier in the blog, not all of us have the space in our homes to have a dedicated cinema room.

This is why it is such a good idea to go multifunctional.

What this means is that while your room may serve as a dining room or bedroom during the day, by night you can pull down your screen, wheel in your furniture, and you’re good to go with your own dedicated media room.

This allows you to still use the room for its intended purpose but also means you can enjoy the cinema feeling whenever you want to within a few minutes.

Use Automation to Declutter

Automation is something that is growing in popularity throughout many homes in the UK, and it is estimated that by 2027 nearly 99% of homes will have some form of smart technology inside them.

Things like smart lighting and voice control are becoming increasingly popular, and these are a great way of making sure your small media room won’t begin to feel cluttered and untidy.

No one wants to be tripping over cables in the dark or have their much-needed space taken up by remote controls and other devices.

With smart home technology, everything can be streamlined, completely eliminating the need for switches and remotes and freeing up some more space in your home media room.

Use Smaller, Portable Equipment

This one may sound simple, but it is a really good point for someone trying to not take up too much room.

While this does apply to your electrical equipment, such as your screen, speakers, and lighting, it can also apply to all of the other equipment in your media room, such as your seating and doors (sliding doors are a great space saver).

If you can use something that is portable and easily moved, it is perfect for tidying it away while the cinema room is not in use and wheeling it back in when it’s time for the film to start.

This works really well with items such as projectors and speakers.

Focus on Seating

One of the things that takes up most space in a home cinema room is seating.

This is an integral part of any viewing experience and therefore needs a good deal of consideration before making a choice.

What you need is something that is compact when not in use but is always just right for watching a film.

For example, if you can have furniture that reclines, this can be a really nice touch. It is also a good idea to use modular seating that can be rearranged easily so you always make the most of your space.

You are looking for something that is flexible and casual, so items like bean bags also work really well.


Home Cinema Rooms with CEAV

If you’re looking to turn any space in your home into a cinema room, then why not get in touch with CEAV today?

Our team of expert engineers can work with you to design and install a bespoke and unique home media room that is perfect for you.

Want to know more? Then why not check out our blog?

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