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A Guide to Picking the Perfect Home Cinema Room Seating

So, you’ve decided to take the plunge and invest in a home cinema room.


Hours of endless fun are ahead of you as you immerse yourself in your favourite movies.

But before that, there are some key decisions to make.

Home cinema rooms are made up of certain essential elements, and one of the main ones is seating.

Choosing the right seats is vital in creating the perfect home cinema room for you, and the team at CEAV have created this guide to help you do just that.

Let’s take a look.


The Importance of Good Seating in a Home Cinema Room

There is no understating the power that high-quality and well-designed seating can have for a home cinema room.

Many movies now last for two hours or more, and therefore you need something comfortable so that you don’t need to keep moving and getting distracted during the film.

High-quality seating has some other benefits as well, including:

  • Immersion – If you have the right kind of seat in the right place then you are sure to be able to transport yourself right into the heart of the action on the big screen.


  • Aesthetics – A home cinema room should look great, and seats are a major design feature in these rooms, so always look to get something that fits in with the theme and looks good.


  • Long-Term Condition – While it may be tempting to keep the spending to a minimum, investing in some high-quality furniture should mean that your seating stays in its best condition for longer (with some maintenance of course).

So, if you’re looking to invest in some seating today, here are seven questions you need to ask yourself before picking out the one for you.


7 Key Questions to Ask Before Buying Your Home Cinema Room Seats

How Much Space Do I Have?

This is a vital question, as the last thing you want is to spend money on a chair you can’t fit in your room.

Take a good look at the room you are going to transform into a home cinema and check for any obstacles or things that may alter your seating plan.

Try and work out how many seats you will need to fit everyone you need in, and measure carefully so you can be sure to always have the perfect amount in the right place.

How Should I Arrange My Seats?

The way you arrange your seats will have a major impact on the film-watching experience for you and the other people in the room.

Firstly, consider what you can do with your space, and where your screen will be for maximum viewing capacity.

You need to have a good view of the screen and also enough space to stretch out your legs and be comfortable if needed (if you’re getting recliners you need a big gap in front).

Next, consider how you would like to design your seats. For example, if you want it to feel like a traditional cinema, then row seating is a nice touch.

For something much more intimate, you may just want one larger seat which can be shared.

How Comfortable Do They Need to Be?

Are you someone who loves to watch quick movies or TV shows, or someone who loves nothing more than a full-day movie marathon?

For both (but more so for the latter) you need comfortable and ergonomic seats.

Look for furniture with padding, good design, and good lumbar support to ensure you aren’t in any discomfort whilst watching.

As mentioned earlier, if you love to keep comfy and really relax, then recliners can be great for this and can leave you feeling cosy and comfortable throughout your movie.

What Material Would be Best?

Next up, think about your materials.

There are several things to consider here.

Firstly, who will be using the room?

If it is a family-friendly space and young children may occupy it, then choosing leather or another material that can be easily cleaned is a good idea. It also has great aesthetic appeal so can be a win-win.

Fabric can be coloured to match the theme of your room and can look great, but is tougher to clean.

There are other options, so spend some time looking into different materials and sit on chairs made from all of them to decide what will be most comfortable and fitting for your room.

What is the Style of the Room?

You need to consider the overall style and aesthetics of your room and how your seating will play a part in this.

Are you going for someone sleek and minimalist? Then you should look for chairs that match this and don’t go against the other elements of the room.

Alternatively, you may be going for a traditional style and therefore row fabric seating will be a good choice to emulate a traditional cinema.

The size, style, and number of chairs should form a part of your design, and not look out of place, so this is a big factor in your decision.

Do You Need Additional Features?

There are plenty of added extras you can get for your cinema room seating, and you should do your research as many of them can add to the film-watching experience.

Some examples of this are:

  • Built-In Speakers – If you love a bit of action and really want to place yourself in the thick of it all, speakers in your chair can add a stunning surround sound effect.


  • Lighting – If you would like a futuristic home cinema room, maybe for a sci-fi buff, then adding lighting to the bottom of the seat and around the trims can help with this.


  • Cup Holders – Want to emulate the film-going experience? Then a cup holder is a perfect way of staying refreshed during a movie and can help it feel just like the real thing.

There are other accessories you can add, such as USB charging ports and more, so if you would like to add any of these, now is the time to look into it.

How Much Can You Spend?

The final question to ask is an important one. While you don’t want to buy furniture that isn’t up to the standard required, home cinema rooms can be expensive, and therefore you need to be careful not to overspend on seating.

The best thing to do here is to write down all aspects of the room, and how much money you can attribute to each section.

When beginning your search, this will help you filter through the different products and ensure you are only looking at items in your price range.


Home Cinema Room Design & Installation from CEAV

Seating is a major component of a bespoke home cinema room, and here at CEAV, we can add this (and all the rest) into your home as we design and install the ideal room for you.

Want to know more? Then get in touch with our team today.

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